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Duplicate of Book now for summer 2013 - 02.04.2013

Sun is back, nice weather, good wind conditions for learning to kite, to surf or just enjoy on your own. If you need rent a gear, surf boards or take lessons, just let us know. Our Dragon team is ready for you in the 2013 season in Tarifa, Cadiz. For more info call us (our guys in the surf shop speak also perfect English!), tel. 0034 956 627 467 or email us:

Duplicate of Winter waves in Tarifa - 02.04.2013

Tarifa is not just a great place for kitesurfing, it also has greate waves for surfing, especially in the winter months. Check out the gallery of surf shots from the winter in Tarifa. The best surf spots in Tarifa are beach Balneario, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic ocean, than beach by hotel Arte Vida (there is not so many people as in Balneario), than hidden beach in Punta Paloma (just walk direction right and continue behinde the sand dune). If it is not wavy in one surf spot, sure you find waves in another one. You just need rent a car ! There are no buses in Tarifa in winter season :-)


Duplicate of 2013 season is about to start! - 02.04.2013

Here at Dragon Tarifa we´re really excited about the 2013 season which is just about to start. Our brand new 2013 kites and boards have arrived and we've been testing the equipment in all kinds of conditions...flat water, waves, on shore, cross shore.