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Learn to jump!

Learn your first jump or new tricks 

To learn to jump in kitesurf, you should know to ride upwind, body drag upwind (to pick up your board) and to relaunch your kite from the water (you gona need it :-) These are essential for trying your first jump.

  • You don't want to be overpowered or underpowered
  • You will need big space around you in the water :-)
  • Water should be deep, at least waist deep
  • Choose good wind direction - don't jump if it is too onshore, as there you will end up!
  • Don´t use a board leash

If you would like to learn any special jump, just let us know. It can be hooked, unhooked, backloop, kiteloop...

If you have your own kite, just bring it with. So, are you ready to fly ??

Learn to kitesurf with the surf board in the waves, wave kitesurfing

If you like to surf the waves on your twintip, the next step is to try it with a directional surfboard. The beginning can be pretty tricky...To get started you need to be ready to get wet!

Here basic techniques what you can learn:

  • How to get up on a strapless surfboard
  • Learn to ride strapless
  • Strapsless toeside jibe
  • Practice carving turns
  • Jumping strapless

What Dragon kitesurf school supply and what you should bring.
Price includes:
All students are provided with kitesurf gear, wetsuit, harness, life jacket and helmet. There is also in the price 3rd liability insurance and basic accident insurance.
What to bring:
All you need is a swimm costume or boardshorts, towel, sunblocker, something to drink and good mood :-)
Need to know:
To swim
Meeting point:
We meet us in surf shop Dragon, in Polígono La Vega in Tarifa. See the map.

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3g 110€
4g 140€
6g 210€
9g 315€
1,5g 100€
2g 130€
3g 195€
6g 360€
10g 550€

Learn to jump in kitesurf is not so difficult.