5-dniowy kurs kitesurfingu

5 dni tylko kitesurfingu !

Intensywna lekcja kitingu, 5 dni

Ta lekcja trwa 5 dni i jest dla początkujących, bez żadnego doświadczenia w kitesurfingu. 5 dni pełne praktyki i przygody! Nauczymy cię kitesurfing szybko i bezpiecznie. Oraz w najnowszy sprzęt, którego używamy podczas naszych lekcji, proces uczenia się jest łatwe i bezpieczne. Więc jeśli chcesz, aby stać się prawdziwym kitesurfer, to jest twój kurs!
This course includes 3 day intensive lesson and continue with:

  • Handle sail in a safe way, training water start correctly and in control whilst keeping kite flying.
  • Practising to ride in both direction, riding down wind and returning to the beach.
  • Learn how to stop and slow down with board.
  • How to turn, transition and change direction. 
  • How to ride across and upwind, edging for control of speed and direction with board, correct position of kite.
  • How to ride between other riders, know how to safely navigate on the water and also when on the beach.

If you need any help to choose the right kite equipment for yourself and the spot for kitesurf in Tarifa, ask in our surf shop Dragon. 

If you are interesting in to buy kite equipment as kite, board, harness, wetsuit, helmet, life jacke - in Dragon surf shop in Tarifa you find that what you need depending on your budget. Ask for our equipment packages with special deals !

What Dragon kitesurf school supply and what you should bring:
All students are provided with kitesurf gear, wetsuit, harness, life jacket and helmet. There is also in the price 3rd liability insurance and basic accident insurance.
Clothing & Extras
In summer: Beach wear as a T-shirt, short and flip flop, swimsuit, beach towel, a hat, sunblocker, water and sunglasses.
In winter: Warm clothing, swim wear, towel, hat, water.
Meeting point:
We meet us in surf shop Dragon, in Polígono La Vega in Tarifa. See the map.

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20g 380€
15g 300€
15g 499€
20g 599€
10g 550€

Special course for those who likes it intensive !