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Paddle surfing is easy to learn and fun for all family!

Stand up paddleboarding or SUP, is a new water sport and an outdoor activity. It is easy to learn and fun for all family. You'll paddling on your first lesson regardless of your experience or ability. For beginner paddle surf  class you don´t need any waves. For advanced SUP courses, you can paddleboarding in waves or just enjoying flat water and excellent views. Big advantage of  paddle board surfing is, that you can paddle anything from ocean, lakes, rivers...It's an amazing experience with full body workout. Tarifa offers ideal conditions for SUP, so we hope you enjoy your holiday with little bit adrenalin experienced with our SUP school Dragon. 

All gear you need is big surf board, paddle and floating vest. The equipment is supplied from our paddlesurf school and included in the rates. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. 

Beware ! Once you try paddle surfing it can create a long term addiction :-)

PADDLEBOARDING EXCURSIONS - Tarifa Island, Balneario beach

Requirements: min. 2 people
Duration: 2 hours
Rate: 70 € per person
Weather conditions: The tour may be canceled if the weather conditions are not suitable.
This is a tour rather than a course and your instructor will guide you safely from one location to another.

Dragon paddle boarding school offers a variety of trips and adventures in Tarifa. Balneario beach is the meeting point from Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean See and the souther point of Europe. It´s a beautiful sandy beach with small Island and with view to Morocco. This relaxing eco surf trip will make your vacation special :-)


How to get started. Introduction and discovery class to stand up paddle boarding. All family welcome !

  • equipment, meteorologie, surf spot
  • surfing techniques, safety
  • balance on the board, how to stand up
  • paddle stokes
  • basic paddle turn


For those, who already had some SUP classes and likes to try it in the waves. Nice training activity :-)

  • control board direction
  • step back on tail
  • front side turn
  • back side turn
  • surfing waves

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2g 50€
4g 100€
6g 150€
2g 80€
4g 160€
6g 240€

Stand up paddle surf lessons in Tarifa