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We are Tarifa's premier high quality surfboard rental shop. Dragon surf shop cater for all levels of surfer and has a wide selection of surfboards, longboards and stand up paddle for to enojoy your surfing trip in Tarifa. We hire all sizes from wetsuit as well if needed, also for kids. In summer in Tarifa, we use shorty or 3/2mm, in winter 4/3mm.  If you prefer to have your own wetsuit, you can buy one in our surf shop Dragon. We work with O´neill, Billabong and Oxbow wetsuits.

Before you go out to surf, please learn the Surf Ettiquette ! Never go alone. Or tell somebody which beach you are and when you come back. 

All Payment must be done at time of pick up directly in the shop.
For to rent, we need your identification card, credit card, a signature on rental agreement and a deposit fee. Payments accepted: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Cash



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